Home & School Association (HSA)

General membership meetings of the Association shall be held at least two times a year (August thru May) as determined by the President of the Association and shall avoid conflict with Advisory Council meetings, parish activities, and school athletic events.

Click HERE to read the HSA Constitution and By-Laws
Click HERE to read the 2019-2020 Family Point System Letter

2019-2020 Home and School Association Board Members

President: Angela Wied
Vice President: Cara Janecka
Secretary: Kim Brandt
Treasurer: Heather Pavlu
Member: Chamik Bentley
Member: Amy Brandt
School Representative: Jessica Fogleman
Principal: Carolanne McAfee

2019-2020 Room Parents
Pre-K – Heather Pavlu and Hanka Sanchez
K – Brittney Herzik and Elizabeth Prichard-Jones
1st – Codi Wessels
2nd – Korie Davis and Amy Elstner
3rd – Kim Brandt and Angela Wied
4th – Clara Ray
5th – Tammy Moeller
6th – Teri Billeck
7th – Ana Rubio
8th – Tara Stech