St. Michael Catholic Church

St. Michael Catholic Church is located at 410 N. Center Street in Weimar, Texas. Our parish is part of the Catholic Diocese of Victoria, and our pastor is Rev. Wayne Flagg. Parish secretaries are Shirley Streckfus and Joan Moeckel.

Mass Schedule

  • Monday at 6:00pm (Chapel)
  • Tuesday at 6:30am (Chapel)
  • Wednesday at 1:45pm (Parkview)
  • Wednesday at 6:00pm (Chapel)
  • Thursday at 6:30am (Chapel)
  • Friday at 8:00am (during the school year)
  • Saturday at 5:30pm
  • Sunday at 7:30am
  • Sunday at 10:30am


  • Friday at 7:30am (during the school year)
  • Saturday at 4:30pm

Rectory Information

  • Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday, 8:00am to 4:30pm
  • Phone Number:  (979) 725-6714
  • E-mail Address: (Secretary)
  • E-mail Address: (Pastor)
  • Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 36, Weimar TX 78962


St. Michael Catholic Church was established as a Mission in 1888 by Father Edward Brucklin, who became the first resident priest in 1892. An earlier frame structure was replaced by the current stately sanctuary in 1913 under the direction of Father Joseph Szymanski, who served the congregation for 42 years. The imposing edifice was constructed of Elgin brick by Italian and Mexican craftsmen directed by contractors L. M. and J. C. Dielmann of San Antonio. The Gothic revival architectural style reflects the central European heritage of the Czechoslovakian and German settlers. Built at a cost of about $50,000, the church is 60 x 146 feet with the interior vaulted ceiling being 68 feet high. It comfortably seats about 750 people and is furnished throughout with beautiful stained glass windows. The two large bells were donated by parishioners and blessed by Bishop J.W. Shaw of San Antonio in 1914.

Repairs and additions that have been made to the church throughout the years include roof repairs and mesh wire on the windows (1941), repair of the steeple and roof (1946), a new pipe organ (1948), extensive repairs of the roof and tower frame, new lighting, and other interior and exterior work (1954), air conditioning (1969), repair of the spire and roof and waterproofing of masonry (1973), and extensive interior and exterior work (1988 and 2012).

This beautiful church holds an official Texas Historical Marker and proudly represents both the past and present community.


The 100 year celebration of St. Michael Catholic Church and the 125th anniversary of St. Michael Parish took place on Saturday, August 10, 2013. Mass was celebrated by Bishop David Fellhauer, Monsignor John Bily and other visiting priests. A re-dedication of the church was held and a special blessing was bestowed upon the church and congregation by Bishop Fellhauer. Blessing of the new prayer garden and a banquet took place after the Mass.