Welcome to St. Michael Catholic School where for over a century the gift of a Catholic education has been esteemed in the small, country town of Weimar, Texas. St. Michael Catholic School receives tremendous support from our parish faith communities of St. Michael Church and Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church in Dubina, as well as our local community.

Veterans Day Program

At St. Michael Catholic School we strive to educate our students for life based on our mission to be friendly, respectful, responsible, and Christlike. Students are expected to achieve academic excellence in acquiring the liberal arts. Our school offers a challenging academic curriculum while integrating our Catholic faith in each subject area. We are blessed to have dedicated, experienced and talented faculty and staff who work together in offering the opportunity for every child to succeed. With our commitment to the principles of Catholic social teaching, St. Michael students aspire to be leaders in the greater communities of tomorrow through service and dedication to Christ and His teachings on love of God and neighbor. Students from St. Michael Catholic School receive a well-rounded education with an emphasis on Christian values, personal responsibility, organizational skills, problem-solving, and developing a personal relationship with Christ.

Community Service

If you are searching for a challenging academic environment in a Christian and disciplined atmosphere where your child is valued as an individual and parents are respected as the first teachers of their children, then consider St. Michael Catholic School as the educational choice for your family. To learn more about the difference a Catholic education can make in your child’s life, please contact us today at 979-725-8461.