SMCS is happy to celebrate National Library Week!

  • Maker Monday – We’ll start the week off with hands-on activities including LEGOs, art, materials, and design challenges.

  • TikTok Tuesday – Get ready to create your own TikTok using a book!

  • Wacky Wednesday – Put your best face forward with our Bookface Challenge.

  • Throwback Thursday – We’ll take a look back at some of the exciting things we did in the library this year and throw in a little library trivia.

  • Furry Friday – Let’s end the week on a paws-itive note with Mrs. Koeth and her fur-iends reading a story.

Create something today out of LEGOs, recycled materials, or anything else you find inside or outside at your house. Take a picture of your creation when you are finished and send it to Mrs. Koeth at

Here are some ideas for today:

Got TikTok? Well, today’s your day to create your own TikTok video using a book. (If you don’t have TikTok any short video clip will work.) Get creative, and think outside the box to promote your favorite book or books! (#NationalLibraryWeek) Share your video with Mrs. Koeth through Google Drive or send to

For Wacky Wednesday we’re going to do a BookFace Challenge! Replace your face and/or body with a book’s cover and then snap a picture. Have fun! Share your photo with Mrs. Koeth at

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • If the face on the book cover is the same size as your face, hold the book close.
  • If the face on the book cover is smaller than your face, hold the book farther away.
  • Get a family member involved. They can hold the book, take the photo or even pose with you.

It’s Throwback Thursday so take a look at the video of some of the things we did in the library this year.

Next, give a go at the SMCS Library Trivia quiz. It’s open to students, parents, and anyone else who’d like to take a shot at it. There are 10 questions (and prizes available to any student who answers all of those questions correctly). Good luck!

We end our celebration of National Library Week with Furry Friday. Mrs. Koeth will be posting a video later of her reading a McDuff story with her two furry friends, Prince and Bandit. Feel free to share a photo of you reading with your pet(s) to , and have a great weekend!